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5 good reasons why you should buy a used Pioneer Kuro plasma TV

1. The picture quality - is as good or better than at least 99% of current TVs that cost 10 times as much as you can pick up a second hand 9th Generation Kuro TV. Many people that buy the new OLEDs complain about the picture being over bright and artificial and that their favourite movies have lost their original feel.

2. Extremely well built. Thats why Pioneer couldn't make a profit on them. They rarely go down. They built them to last a lifetime, not just a season like the new TVs. That was bad for Pioneer's investors but great for the consumer.

3. Stunning looks. The timeless gloss black plastic surround is a real head turner in any room. It's like having a grand piano on your living room wall. It's a statement. On the contrary, bezeless (TVs with none or minimal plastic surround) OLEDs and LEDs look vacant and almost incomplete.

4. The Price - You simply cannot get a better TV for the money. Who would of thought that you could pick up a reference grade display for the price of a mobile phone. (Although, I would recommend consulting with a Kuro expert in order to get value for your money) It really is a steal.

5. Very well cared for - Due to the fact that most Pioneer Kuro owners bought their TVs to watch movies, most have nether been overly used and abused. From the 100's of Kuro sets that I have worked on and/or owned over the last few years, most are under 10,000 hours of use. This is only 10% of the MTBF for optimal brightness half life hours of the set in 10 years. (averaging at 1000 hours a year of use which is incredibly low).

You still have 90,000 hours (40+ YEARS AT 6 HOURS PER DAY) to play with. Yippee!

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