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Installation Guides

Repair your Kuro like a Pro

This is for Kuro owners who would like assistance in repairing their Kuro themselves, or are located far away from our base in London, UK. The 'Blue Blink' Repair Kits start from £250. The Callout Repair starts from £400 --so, you save £150.

Our Story

You can save time and money by repairing your Kuro yourself. If you can upgrade a computer, then you can do this repair. However, correctly diagnosing the fault is one thing. Obtaining the correct part is another, but the most critical thing, is knowing how/what to connect/disconnect, and in which order, without breaking anything. One false move, and your Kuro is scrap. This is where the Kuroking installation guide comes in as a 'god send'. This is a fool proof, step-by-step installation guide, with high resolution images, to aid you every step of the way. Many hundreds of Kuro owners have already benefited from this guide. Over 15 years of technical experience in the field servicing the Kuro, and 1000's of man hours in our studio, has enabled us to create this vital tool.

Now, you can purchase a Kuro system board with the added confidence of knowing how to fit it safely and properly. 

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