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Over 15 years of experience with Pioneer plasma technology


If your Kuro display or media box flashes BLUE and/or RED LEDs at start up and the TV doesn't function then contact us..

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26th December 2022


Hi Van, just to let you know, managed to install both boards today and everything seems to be working perfectly, thanks. Plus, 

those instructions were spot on too!

B. Bilkhu, Swanley - Kent




This Christmas, I suddenly experienced the blue blink, non-startup issue on my media receiver box of my 60 inch Kuro KRP-600A, that I purchased from Harrods(10K), owned since new (2008), and is still aesthetically in mint condition. I Googled for a repair, and at the top of the list was I contacted him and he understood the fault immediately and offered me two solutions: (A) purchase one of their already professionally refurbished media boxes, or (B) repair of my own media box. I chose the latter because I previously had my Kuro professionally calibrated and wanted to retain my ISF settings. 
What stood out about this amazing service, is that, not only did Kuroking successfully repair it, but it was done much faster than I expected. Van collected it from me on the 29th December and returned it to me on the 31st December, set it all up and demonstrated it working; I entered the new year on a high note. Kuroking said "it could of been sooner, but we like to run a minimum 48 hour load/heat test before signing them off as repaired". His technical knowledge and enthusiasm are reassuring. This is a very high quality service, for those that appreciate the finer things in life...

Mr Ali. H

Sloane Square - London SW3


25th of October 2022

I posted that I needed the hard to find side speakers with the proprietary speaker cables for my KRP-500M. Van instantly responded and shipped the speakers and cables to me in New Jersey, USA. From my request to delivery only took a few days. Amazing! So Glad that I found The Kuro Forum

R. Winston - New Jersey, USA


20th September 2022

My Kuro 600M failed and the dreaded 8 flashing blue light sequence began.
Decided to google and came across the KuroKing.
After a phone call with Van, a visit/repair was immediately booked.
Van arrived on time after a 2hr drive and proceeded to fix my treasured plasma.
I highly recommend Van, as he is a top bloke, and certainly is the KuroKing.
I. Pulford

Castle Donington - Derby

8th of August 2022


I attempted to repair my beloved KRP-600P plasma panel (the display part of the KRP-600A TV System) that had the dreaded 8 blue blink issue. I bought the part from another Pioneer Kuro supplier, but I after I fitted the part I now had 15 blue blinks instead. I was recommended the Kuroking by the supplier, who happened to have a mint condition 600P plasma panel with very low hours. I decided to part exchange my one for that. Van delivered and installed it, and the picture was even more stunning than usual. Great service!

M. Telling - Orpington, Kent

8th of June 2022


The Pioneer KRP-S03 side speakers I bought are great for everyday TV programmes... I only use my soundbar and subwoofer for Bluray blockbusters! The speakers arrived really quickly, and were safe and sound due to the excellent packaging.

M. Hurst - St Helens, Merseyside


When I tried to turn on my Pioneer LX5090 I found no picture and 15 red blinks.  After a bit of research I discovered Van's website.  He said that this was the most serious of the blinking codes but "don't worry I can fix it".  Sure enough he did!  Not only that but he provided excellent and a super-friendly service.  The TV had to be picked up for Van to work on it at his workshop, but it was returned a matter of hours later.  The TV is now back to normal thanks to Van.  He certainly is the Kuro King.

P. Turner - Woking, Surrey

22nd May 2022

I spoke to Van first, but instead I chose to repair my KRP-500P display myself  with parts I bought elsewhere. However, it failed again after a month. I decided to contact Kuroking again and he recommened to me one of his professionally refurbished, mint condition KRP-500P plasma display (with all new parts) that had only done 6.5k hours (of 100,000 hours optimum brightness half life) and includes 1 year warranty. It was also delivered and installed. A very professional and effecient service. I highly recommend this service and I should of chose him the first time...
S Hirani - Northwood, Middlesex, London

31st May 2022

Paid for my media box and KRP-500 display to be checked by a local TV repair company twice, and they claimed that there was nothing wrong with it. However, the TV would shut down every 30 minutes and the display status LEDs would flash RED & BLUE. This went on for many months until I googled for help. I saw the Kuroking website and persuaded him to come to Leicester. As soon as he arrived he entered the log of my media receiver box, which displayed the fault. I immediately purchased the Professionally refurbished media receiver that he had brought along with him. Finally, me and my family can watch our beloved Kuro in peace. TV has been fault free for 10 days so far. Thank you Kuroking

J. Sharma - Scraptoft, Leicester



The Kuro King came out to me on February 18th, in the middle of the terrible 'STORM EUNICE', to repair my 7 year old LX5090 Kuro. The TV now works as new. Van was very professional and provided me with a 1 year guarantee for peace of mind. I was very impressed with the service. Top marks! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kuroking.




Very grateful that I found Van & that he was able to repair my Kuro within 24 hours! I was even given the choice of a same model replacement or a repair. I opted for the latter because I have had mine since it was new. It was a fast & efficient service that I highly recommend should you ever be in need of a TV repair! 

Rev Dr Scott - Hampton Court, Greater London


14th February 2022

Pavel V

LX5090H with blue blink start-up issue. The Kuroking's repair kit and installation guide made this repair very easy. His assistance via Whatsapp as I performed the repair was very helpful. "You are the King".
PRAHA, Czech Republic

25th December 2021

Hi Van,
wanted to wish you Happy Christmas
and thank you for my pioneer LX5090, watched a James Bond film yesterday and it was stunning!!! Best
Purchase ever. Have a good one
You and your family

Brentwood, Essex


December 14th 2021

TV is all up and running which is good, so thanks again for the delivery and the demo.

S. Thorne - Bridgwater, Somerset

12th December 2021

My KRP-M01 got the blue blink and I needed a media box quickly for a Christmas party the following day, and luckily enough, Van had professionally refurbished media boxes available to collect right away. All working fine at home now, thanks

F. Ali - Hitchin, Herts



J. Griffith - LEEDS

Great job! My 6090H Kuro got the blue blink start-up issue, so I googled and found the Kuroking to repair my faulty system boards. I've had it up and running for few days and its as good as new. Thanks, keep up the good work

25th October 2021




My LX5090 succumb to the 8 blue blink fault.  I found the Kuroking via google. It was repaired and professionally cleaned as I waited. I also had a new power board installed, which reduced the level of the plasma hum. Very thorough and professional. Thank you, my kid is ecstatic

13th October 2021

28th November 2021

Thank you for the very helpful instructions.

J. Sutherland, Vienna, Austria




My KRP-600P display had the 8 blue blink fault. I purchased the Kuro repair kit and followed the Kuroking's installation guide, which is very clear and concise. I changed the circuit board no problem; up to now been fine. Many thanks for all your help

C. Summers - Preston, Lancs


29th September 2021


I bought one of the first Pioneer Plasma’s back in 2006. It was spectacular and is working perfectly even now. But I wanted a larger screen. I didn’t like the modern 4k TV’s, as in some scenario’s the contrasts are too extreme. So on the off chance I Googled Pioneer 60” and found Van’s website. I bought one almost straight away. I’ve had it 6 months and every time I turn it on, I smile. The picture is perfection, which doesn’t come across as good in this iPhone image, but believe me, it's awesome!


October 14th 2021


My Kuro wouldn't start-up after two power outages at my home. Now, thanks to KuroKing, I finally have a working LX5090 again.

Thank you

P. Ross, Cirencester

17th September 2021

My Pioneer Kuro KRP-600A Media Unit packed up after 12 years, the dreaded 8 Blue Lights. I contacted Van at KuroKing and he sent me a refurbished Media Unit within 24 hours. I have now got my TV working again and the picture is better than ever, thanks to Van. Long may KuroKing keep operating as I still think that the Pioneer Kuro has been the best TV ever made. Thanks again for all your help.

M Buckfield - Purley, Croydon

28th September 2021

I needed a replacement media receiver urgently, so I called the Kuroking and received a professionally refurbished box within 24 hours. 

I'm genuinely happy with what I received and appreciate the rapid support.



A big thanks to the KuroKing for fixing my LX5090 Kuro TV. Finally, I can watch all my sports without worrying about the blinking blue light start-up issue. Money worth spending. 5 star recommendation guys.  Michael - Stratford, London E15

10th June 2021 - Shepperton, Surrey

Van certainly is “The Man” as far as I'm concerned. He worked tirelessly at his workshop on my old KRP-500P Kuro display that was signalling blue flashing lights - and intermittent shut down squares - and an annoying habit of not being able to turn it off!! One comms board solution tried, but another short discovered, but no matter he quickly offered a solution - swap out my TV for a professionally refurbished one with way less hours. He even cleaned out my dusty media receiver box - all at very reasonable price, I must add. Van even refitted my old TV bezel surround, so that my wife could have her original that had special attachment points for her floral decoration (as in attached picture). This bloke is the business, he is intelligent, resourceful, honest as the day is long and clearly willing to go the extra mile and more to leave the customer very happy indeed. What a refreshing change to meet a real gentleman and expert in his field. 

John Fennell

Lt Col (Retd) Royal Engineers


7th of June 2021

My LX5090 got a case of the Blue 8 flashing indicator light. At first we could wait a few hours and the TV would turn on again. Then it stopped. 

Not wanting to buy another TV and having already done a little research into the problem. I contacted Kuro King. Thankfully he was able to come out a couple of days later with the replacement parts and get the TV up and running again. 

Great job, friendly service and highly recommended.

Trevor, Britwell, Slough




5th June 2021

First of all, thanks for those great PDP-S65 Kuro speakers. I couldn't find them anywhere. At 147cm long, It is a delicate item to ship. However, your packing was FANTASTIC; not a scratch! As a bonus, I did not have to remove the screen from the wall (It weighs over 50kg) to attach the speaker bar. I also possess the 50 inch LX5090 KURO. I just love the quality of the Kuro picture. It has an emotion not found in today's Oleds. Thanks again!


K. Segers

Sint Niklaas


Thank you for the parts and clear instructions to repair our much loved KRP-500A Kuro. Your diagnosis was spot on.  P. Angus - Saint-Coutant, France 10/5/21


In the first instance Kuro King offered to repair my 8th generation 42 inch Pioneer display. The price was good and the repair was going to be speedy. However, as soon as Van showed me the mint Professionally Refurbished 9th generation 50 inch LX5090 Kuro he had available, I decided it was a no-brainer to swap and upgrade. I also picked up some mint condition Pioneer Kuro side speakers (PDP-S62) to complement the display from him. I never thought I would be lucky enough to own one of these beautiful devices and my family are delighted; most especially my son who suffers from migraines and doesn't get along with either LED displays or projectors, but for whom the plasma screen is not a problem at all. Van is a great guy. He's a passionate and erudite advocate of the Kuro.

5th June 2021 

25th February 2021

I'm a Ferrari enthusiast as well as a proud Pioneer Kuro LX5090 owner for over 12 years; Infact, all my AV stuff is Pioneer, so when I saw that the Kuro King was offering the PDP-S63 sound bar in whatever colour you like, I naturally selected 'rossa' red.

A truly great service.

 Deepu - 

Victoria, London 



Our older Pioneer plasma TV (PDP-505XDE) had a very bad case of green screen burn. Instead of repairing it, we opted for an 8th generation Kuro upgrade instead.  It was delivered and installed. Immediately we could appreciate the staggering improvement in the picture quality. We should of upgraded years ago. Thank you

Anoushka - Perivale, West London

March 27th 2021

I am a repeat customer of the Kuro King. I originally bought a media box for my older Pioneer plasma TV a few years ago. This time I needed my prized LX6090 brought back to life because it was suffering from the '8 blue blink' start-up issue. I am extremely well pleased with the result because now the picture is perfect. In fact, it looks better than before.

Richard - Watford


6th February 2021

I finally found someone to repair my much loved Kuro LX5090 that was blinking blue and not turning on. I called, and the Kuro King came straight away and fixed it swiftly. I decided that I wanted it placed on the wall in my games room, so I bought the original Pioneer Kuro slim fitting wall bracket kit (KRP-WM02) plus the Kuro under bar speaker PDP-S63 from the Kurostore; which was fitted at the same time. Now I can watch the soccer on Sky sports in style. The Pioneer SRS WOW sound is awesome. No need for a Sonos!!

David P - Chenie - Herts


Many thanks, Van, for your excellent guidance and foolproof tutorial for removing and replacing the circuit boards for my KURO 5090.  Living in rural France I had no access to a TV engineer to fix the 8 blue blink problem.  With your help I was able to remove and replace the two circuit boards in the Pioneer KURO repair kit.  The KURO is now fully restored to its original glory.  This was the first time I'd had the back cover off the KURO and my, my, what a quality build this set was.


 Mr Miller - 21st February 2021

La Salvetat-Peyrales, Midi-Pyrénées


Oliver - Nieder-Olm - Germany

Kuroking helped me every step of the way with my LX5090H Kuro. I had nether done anything like this before, so I needed the KURO  TV SUPPORT PLAN as well as the Kuro Repair Kit.  All tested and fully working now. Money well spent.

February 7th 2021

16th Jan 2021

I purchased the 8 blue blink call-out service for my 60 inch KRP-600A Kuro, that has been used practically everyday since new, over 10 years ago. The screw holes of the Allen key style screws that secured the wall mounting arms to the back of the Kuro were completely worn and were over torqed. They wouldn't budge. No pliers could grip them because the heads were circular and domed. I thought I was out of luck...but the Kuro King persevered and got the screws out with a drill. He then performed the repair swiftly and successfully. Phew!! Afterwards, he went in the service menu to check the usage hours, and said that I hold the record for the most hours used on a Kuro from the many hundreds of Kuro that he has serviced over the years. The picture above is from the service menu and shows the hours of 58,768.  He informed me that although that's a lot of usage, I will still get another 10 years of optimal performance out of this Kuro; easily!! He added, the Kuro is guaranteed to hold its original brightness performance for 100,000 hours. Afterwards the brightness may dip a little bit, but you can always turn up the brightness in the settings by one notch to compensate, so this will not affect anything. The Kuroking is a champion!!

Mr Hossen, Margate, Kent

JANUARY 21st 2021

I had to get my Kuro repaired quickly because my wife was getting upset because she couldnt watch her favourite programmes. I couldn't find anyone locally that knows about the Kuro. I googled 'kuro 8 blue blink' and found this treasure of a website. The way the Kuroking methodically went through the steps to diagnose the fault, gave me confidence to proceed.

I ordered the repair kit, followed the instructions and now my old Kuro works again. Happy days!!

Terje - Radal, Hordaland, Norway

JANUARY 28th 2021

It was time to call the Kuroking because we could no longer reliably watch our favourite Pioneer Kuro LX5090 TV; it would frequently blink blue when you tried to switch it on. We have other TVs in the house but nothing compares to watching movies on a Kuro. I thought he was going to say, he could repair it next week, but to my surprise, the Kuroking said he could be with me within a few hours. I said, "yes, please!!"

All repaired now, and I am a very happy chappy. He is the genuine article!! 

J.Wiggins - Ealing, West London


Hi Van,

Just found time to say thanks for your help & assistance back on the 5th December - the Kuro got safely back home & put to great use over the last couple of weeks. We are very happy with it.


Fantastic service & I very much appreciate you keeping the Kuro brand alive.


Stay safe & wishing you every success !


Merry Christmas.


Rgds ... Mark Shute - Oxfordshire

24th December 2020


9th Jan 2021

I had the dreaded 8 blue blinks on my 50 inch LX5090 Kuro that I have had from new. As soon as I spoke to the Kuroking on the phone, I knew he was the right person for the job. Infact, I was so impressed with the repair and his pleasant personality, that I decided to purchase one of his 60 inch professionally refurbished LX6090 KURO as well. The Kuroking even helped me to hang it on the wall; perfectly centre and level, and ensured that all my source cables were fitted correctly. Afterwards he went into the colour settings and tweaked them. The picture on both of my Kuro is now 10 times better than before. It's good to meet someone that actually knows what they are doing.

S. Mann, Corringham Essex

24th December 2020

Thank you for taking the time to answer my email and getting my Kuro working. Your instructions fixed my problem with operating my KRP-500A Kuro. 

Now my 81 year old mother can watch the Queen's speech tomorrow...

Have a great Christmas!!  - GOLD KURO TV SUPPORT PLAN -

Kind regards, Jason Pooke - Torquay, Devon

17th December 2020 J. Dickson - Swindon

Thanks for your efforts today delivering the LX6090. It was in mint condition, exactly as described in the Kuro store. I really appreciated it!! I’m stoked with my Kuro. Really awesome!!

12/12/2020 Eric Q - Feltham

I'm a hands on type of guy, that has worked in the electronics Industry for many years. 11 years ago I bought the 60 inch LX6090 Kuro because I wanted the best; and it still is!!

I was going to attempt the repair myself, but after seeing him perform with all the critical/delicate steps and procedures, let alone the shear weight and size of this Kuro, I am now glad that I opted for the Kuroking '8 blue blink call-out repair service'. He handled it with care and wore gloves to keep the TV clean. A true professional and a genuine nice guy. Now our family can  enjoy watching movies this Christmas. Thank you

Andy - Leeds - 28th November 2020

Thank you for all the help and support to fix my most treasured Pioneer Kuro KRP-500M. I highly recommend members to purchase the KURO TV SUPPORT PLAN to gain access to all the step-by-step high-res pictorial installation guides created by Kuroking, plus lots of discounts and more, on all purchases from the kuro store.

 The KRP-500M is a beast!! 

November 25th 2020

Thanks for the excellent install guide. I have replaced the boards you sent and the TV is working well.

From the initial call to you, I knew I had found the right person.

Again, many thanks for the excellent service and resurrecting my Kuro.

J. McBeath 


West Dumbartonshire


F. Windsor - BATH

Really helpful and knowledgeable on everything Kuro, was able to diagnose the issue with my KRP-500A over the phone and was fixed within 48 hours. Highly recommend to anyone in need of Kuro support.

4th November 2020

J. Steele - Hereford

Smooth transaction. Thank you for safely delivering my 60 inch Kuro to my home. The picture is so stunning, even with standard definition. Watching a bluray movie or Netflix makes you go, "ahhhhhh!!",

as you experience an audio visual delight.

23rd November 2020

LX5090 - rising on motorised stand

Phil, Dudley

Very happy with your swift service and recommendation to swap my original tv out for your Professionally Refurbished LX5090 KURO. Van clearly loves Pioneer Kuro's and his passion and expertise are greatly appreciated. Will definitely recommend him and use him again

12th October 2020

31st September 2020

We accidentally cracked the glass of our Kuro. We googled for help and were directed to After a pleasant and informative chat regarding Kuro TVs and tech, I was convinced he was the real deal and someone to trust. He safely delivered to us a mint condition, professionally refurbished (all new parts) KRP-500P plasma display. It is exactly as described in the Kuro store. Infact, I am so satisfied, that I have also ordered the 60 inch KRP-600A TV system from the Kuroking. What I like is his attention to detail and his genuine passion for the KURO; which is something I also share.

Sarindar, Wolverhampton

Cosimo - Hornsey London N7

My KRP-M01 media receiver had the dreaded  8 blue blinks and I needed someone that could offer me a same day service. I didn't want to post it out to be repaired in case it got damaged in transit. I wanted someone that was nearby so that I could drop it off myself. The Kuroking 'ticked all the boxes'. He also had fully updated boxes readily available, so I choose that option instead and kept mine as a spare for the future. His studio workshop is like a Kuro emporium, with all types of Kuro on the wall and all around. It was a pleasure meeting him. This is a man you can trust.

September 27th 2020




31st August

I am a proud owner from new (13+ years) of a Pioneer Purevision PDP-507XD. We love the warm vivid and bright image it displays and It looks classy on our wall; unlike the new thin bezel TVs that look flimsy and cheap. A few weeks ago it started to take many attempts to turn on and then it would not start at all. It would just blink blue 7 or 8 times. 

We googled "Pioneer TV repair" and found KUROKING.COM

He knew the fault right away and came and fixed it quickly.

Much appreciated, Josie

Bletchley, MK Bucks

Eric B - London N13 - 20th Sept 2020

A very professional service. The KuroKing repaired the startup error and now its looking better than before. Bravo!!


August 11th, 2020

LX5090 8 blue blink repair kit


Just a quick email to say thank you for all your help and I now have a fully working Kuro again. It was exactly as you said it would be. With the help of your detailed guide I installed the board I bought from you and have had it running for a week now with no problems and even think the picture looks better than it did before. Once again, thank you for all your help.




D Sheather - Dover, Kent


August 18th, 2020

I had been searching for years for someone to repair (8 BLUE BLINKS) my two Kuro LX5090's that I paid over £5000 for back in 2009. Pioneer don't support them no more but these TVs are way too good to give up on. So, I decided to give google one last try last week, and Amen!! I found the Kuro King website. Finally, someone that is still dedicated to the service and support of the Legendary Kuro. All those wires and circuits inside look so complicated. You really need to know what you are doing. Cannot thank the Kuro King enough for coming to our rescue

Mary - Weybridge, Surrey


9th July 2020

I was recommended by a friend and I am very satisfied with the Kuro Kings repair service. Everything went smoothly. He arrived on time and went straight to work like a true professional. Now, my LX5090 Kuro works beautifully. We have owned our Kuro from brand new and cannot find another TV with this type of picture and build quality. I highly recommended the Kuro King to all Pioneer Kuro owners. Money well spent!!

Mahesh  - Chigwell, Essex

May 21st, 2020 by M. Inns, Willaston Cheshire

Huge recommendation for the Kuro King!
I contacted last week with the 8 blue blinking lights fault on my 50 inch Kuro KRP500A unable to fire up. My message was answered within an hour, and after a couple of questions I was given two options. Decided to go with a replacement panel instead of a repair, and despite my concerns regarding posting a panel it arrived yesterday as promised and now the Kuro is back in perfect health. Truly great service, and it actually cost me a lot less than I was expecting! Recommended 100% and any future issues I won’t hesitate to use the Kuro King!!

May 8th, 2020

The part you sent fixed my 8 Blue blinking LED (start up fault) on my cherished KRP-500P plasma panel.

I cannot thank you enough for your professional advice, diagnosis and excellent support services. Really appreciate.

Raymond Chau - Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

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May 13th, 2020

The Kuro King literally went the extra mile and came to my home and fixed my KRP500A system. He gave it a full overhaul. A very professional and polite person. 10 out of 10. Highly recommended.

Stephanie - Didcot, Oxfordshire

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28th April 2020

Fantastic! Ordered the legendary Kuro LX5090 and the Kuro King delivered it in a few hours, then installed it on the wall. I'm impressed. Now I can watch all my old movies in style. A very positive experience. Thank you very much

Mike - PENGE SE20


March 13th, 2020 posted by: Eric Alliez

Absolutely perfect!! A true professional. The Kuro King came to us and replaced the plasma panel on our faulty, limited edition, gloss white KRP-500PW. Now it works properly.

Islington - London N1

April 19th, 2020

I always wanted a 60 inch Kuro and when I saw that the Kuro King was selling a mint condition LX6090, that he had professionally refurbished with all updated parts, I immediately clicked on 'buy it now'.

I Couldn’t be happier! Delivered perfectly, great condition, superb seller.

Pete - Clapham London SW4

February 29th, 2020 posted by: Deepesh Hirani

This man is a God send for all Kuro owners! I had a few power surges at my home and my Kuro LX5090 developed some bad image retention and pinkish sparkling especially on white backgrounds. My Kuro is my baby, had it since 2009, and it would of hurt to have to bin it, so we took it to the Kuro King's, workshop. He immediately knew the solution and repaired it while we waited and now my Kuro performs perfectly again with strong sharp vivid images. I am so happy now. Thank you

Harrow - London