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Table stand or on the wall, which is the best way to display your Kuro?

That's an easy one. I have owned literally hundreds of Kuro over the years ("lucky guy", I hear you say) and have enjoyed them at various locations around the world. The pictures below is the best way to answer the aforementioned question. Nothing looks this slick. The timeless design is so exquisite - "not just any black, but Kuro piano gloss black". Personally, I prefer my Kuro wall mounted; seamless with all cables routed through the wall and all media sources out of sight.

One must remember to wear gloves when handling this classic art piece. leaving finger prints on the screen or bezel is a faux pas. Even worse, a crime!! The Kuro is the only TV that looks just as good on, as it does when switched off.

Speakers - Side or Under mounted???

Whether you select the side or under mounted speakers it will still look sublime.

Essential Kuro accessories:

  • 50 inch Kuro (LX5090 / LX5090H) under mount speakers - PDP-S63

  • 50 inch Kuro (LX5090 / LX5090H) side speakers - PDP-S62

  • 50 inch Kuro (KRP-500A) side speakers - KRP-S03

  • 50 inch Kuro (KRP-500M) side speakers - KRP-S04

  • 60 inch Kuro (KRP-600A) side speakers - KRP-S01

  • 60 inch Kuro (KRP-600M) side speakers - KRP-S02

  • 60 inch Kuro (LX6090 / LX6090H) side speakers - PDP-S64

  • 60 inch Kuro (All Pioneer 60 inch plasma TVs) under mount speakers -PDP-S65

  • 60 inch Kuro table stand - (All 60 inch without a speaker bar) - KRP-TS01

  • 60 inch Kuro table stand - (All 60 inch with a speaker bar) - PDK-TS35A

  • 50 inch Kuro Wall mount - (All 50 inch Pioneer plasma TVs) - PDK-WM02

  • 60 inch Kuro Wall mount - (All 60 inch Pioneer plasma TVs) - KRP-WM01

I like the way the Kuro in the pictures below is positioned on the wall. It draws you in and makes you want to watch a movie.. Most of all, I like the way the lighting works. It adds an air of excitement to the room...

Want one?

Good news!! We have professionally refurbished 50 inch and 60 inch LX and KRP Kuro available for delivery or collection from our base at Park Royal, NW London

All our Kuro have been professionally serviced and are in pristine condition, with low usage hours. They now have new and/or updated official pioneer parts to remove any chance of the 'blue blink' start-up error occurring. Ensuring many years of hassle free enjoyment.


You can book a viewing at our studio gallery to experience 2 different Kuro side by side (i.e the LX5090 and a KRP-600A) to help you decide which Kuro is best suited for you.

Call 07566 750 730



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